The choice of accessories for the face requires a special approach, because they focus on all the attention. Today, there are many variations of diamond earrings women, so it is very difficult to decide. It seems that some are too long, while others are too massive. This accessory, first of all, should decorate, and not just be present on the ears. What are the diamond earrings women and who will suit them best? Lets see how to make the right choice.

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Subtleties of choice diamond earrings women

The first thing to think about mounting diamond earrings women. The clasp should be comfortable and practical, it should not disturb the earlobe and the body parts in contact with it. Also, an important nuance is the purpose of the diamond earrings women. If you choose them for everyday use, it is better to focus on simpler shapes and colors. They should be combined with any clothing.

Choosing diamond earrings women depending on the type of person

Probably every girl knows her face shape. Hoop-shaped diamond earrings women are suitable for an oval face (vertical length is longer than horizontal length). You can also wear oval earrings with different elements. Long earrings in the form of pendants will visually lengthen the face. For a triangular face (wide cheekbones, narrow chin), long and tapering diamond earrings women will not fit at all. They will make your face rude. Small round earrings or bulk oval – the most suitable option. Small diamond earrings women with stones that are attached directly to the earlobe will look good.

Selection of diamond earrings women depending on the earlobe

Focus on the shape of the earlobe is also important. Small – diamond earrings women are better than oblong. Large earlobes are combined with flat earrings. If it is too thin, it is better to choose diamond earrings women that are light, neat and elegant, which look elegant, not rude. The ears are small and neat – any earrings that fit, slightly bulged ears – the studs that do not overload the image.